Notice: The campaign thanks everyone dearly for their support. Unfortunately, we were unable to qualify for the 2016 November ballot.

A broad coalition of support

A diverse coalition of support: Oregon Republican Party, Oregon Progressive Party, Taxpayer Association of Oregon, Oregon Family Council, Oregon Sportsmen’s Association, Oregon Firearms Federation, and more…

Don’t let them steal your right to vote with fake emergencies.


Politicians routinely take away your constitutional right to vote to overturn their bad laws by claiming a “fake” emergency exists. This stops our right to vote on harmful laws that take away our rights, raise our cost of living, waste our tax dollars and hurt small business. Over half of all new laws passed in Oregon in 2015 contain these “fake” emergency clauses, which clearly abuses our constitutional rights. It’s time that We the People stop the politicians from stealing our rights by signing the “No More Fake Emergencies” petition to amend Oregon’s constitution making it harder for politicians to claim “fake” emergencies. This measure still allows the legislature the ability to pass laws to deal with real emergencies, but will end the politicians practice of taking away our right to vote to stop their political agenda. Please sign the petition, and let’s hold them accountable.

List of actual bills that passed with fake emergency clauses:

– 19 cent hidden gas tax tied to Gov. Kitzhaber’s corruption scandal

– Pathway for early release for sexual criminals

– Gun control that criminalizes hunters, veterans, and gun owners over private exchanges

– A half billion in government waste: $227 million on a bridge never built and $260 million on the Cover Oregon government healthcare website that crashed

If you want to have a right to vote then please sign our petition!